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Bullet Cameras vs Dome Cameras

Why do all store bought and cheaper CCTV systems come with mostly bullet cameras instead of dome cameras? Here is a little bit of insider information about the camera differences.

Bullet cameras are great for special purposes. If you need a camera to view detail of over 100′ away, a bullet camera case will have more room for the manufacturer to install a stronger verifocal lens. Did you ever see a professional photographer with a very large lens on the front of his camera? This is because he wants to zoom into an object that is far away. License plate capture cameras are also always bullet style. This is because they need the extra room inside the casing for more components to make the camera do what it needs to do.

If your searching for a camera system for your home, you probably do not need to see more than your front or back yard, and are probably not trying to catch a speeding cars license plate that is flying down your street. It would be nice though. The fact is, your home is only a target for crime if you have no reason to send the bad guys (or bad kids) to another home that has little or no protection. A surveillance camera system is a GREAT addition to your home and not only for crime either.

Now getting back to bullets vs domes. Assuming you dont need to zoom in over a acre away from your home, domes are more secure. Here are some bullet points (play on words) of the differences;

  1. Domes are “omni directional”. From far away, you can see which way the bullet camera is facing, you cant do that with a dome. If the bad guy can see the direction of the camera, he will walk behind it.
  2. Most bullet cameras have the wire for the unit off the rear of the camera and not through the base. This means the wire can be cut when the bad guy walks behind the camera because of reason #1 above.
  3. When a hole is drilled in your homes eve or wall, the dome can be placed right over it which helps protect the wire and looks better. When an installer installs a dome camera, we mount the base of the dome over most of the hole and leave just enough for the wire to go in off the back of the camera.
  4. If you hit a dome camera with a bat or large stick, will it change direction? The answer is NO, but a bullet camera, no matter how hard we tighten it down, can be changed direction by hitting it hard enough.
  5. When we have a large storm or tornadoe like South Florida just experienced, a bullet camera may bounce up and down in the wind while a dome camera will stay stationary and straight.

Depending upon your purpose, choose wisely and get the system you not only want, but a system that will suit your purpose properly. Call AlarmOne today and get a FREE on site consultation so you don’t over pay for items you don’t need and get exactly what you are looking for.