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Latest News/Blog

  • We have expanded!!

    We are now in Orlando, Tampa, and other Central Florida areas.

  • Bullet Cameras vs Dome Cameras

    Why do all store bought and cheaper CCTV systems come with mostly bullet cameras instead of dome cameras? Here is a little bit of insider information about the camera differences. Bullet cameras are great for special purposes. If you need a camera to view detail of over 100′ away, a bullet camera case will have […]

  • AlarmOne New License

    AlarmOne has a new state license. Our new license is EF20001287. A new change in our corporate structure has triggered this update and the state has granted this request. Our current customer will see absolutely no changes and will still continue to receive the same great monitoring and service as they have been receiving. Any […]

  • Online Reviews, True or Not?!?!

    Reviews online and referrals are extremely important for success these days with a small business. Do you search online with your business to see the latest reviews? Its very important that your reviews reflect the honesty of what actually happen. If you get a less than positive review, are you trying to get it corrected? […]

  • The Importance of Business Security Monitoring Systems

    Organizations often overlook business security until they face a problem. More often, they change their business strategies and focus on attaining their goals without taking the safety of the company into consideration. There are important steps that managers should take to ensure that their businesses are secure. For any business, there should be a well-set […]

  • Ensuring Your Home Security with the Burglar Alarm System

    To ensure their safety and the protection of their properties from intruders and burglars, most home owners opt for a home security system. They get a problem on deciding on where to start because the wide range of systems that are available. However, some go for the burglar alarm system, though the hardest part is […]

  • Video Surveillance In The Home Or Business is it necessary?

    Video surveillance is rapidly becoming a staple in many homes and business as security conscious planers install Video Surveillance systems. Aside from high-tech locks and access entry points, security alarms, and sophisticated safety equipment, video monitoring and surveillance using CCTV cameras are now being widely-used even by homeowners and business owners who just several years […]