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More Services

Burglar Alarm Service

Do you have a current alarm system and just want it repaired with NO monitoring? Most companies will not touch it unless you sign a monitoring agreement. Talk to us and we will repair or replace most burglar alarm systems and will not require you to monitor your alarm with us. Once you see our proven service and talent and when your ready to use top class monitoring service, we hope you contact is first. Some monitoring companies require that you use their service for fixing your alarm, so check with your monitoring service before calling.

WiFi Services

Is your current WiFi service weak in your home, business, or hotel. AlarmOne can install the strongest & fastest WiFi service available. Call today to see if we can help you strengthen your network and speeds of the Internet connection in your home, business, or hotel.

Cell Booster

Do you have very weak or no cell phone reception in your home or business? Call AlarmOne to see if we can help. We can increase the bars on your phone for most carriers and give your phone the boost it needs to make and receive calls.

Access Control

Do you want to keep your front door locked in your business while having the reception open it up remotely. Do you want employees to only have access to certain areas of your work place on certain days and at certain times without gaining entry. Whether you want 1 door, many doors, or just need repair, call AlarmOne and we will get in control.


Would you like to see and talk with the person at your door without having to walk up and answer it? We can set you up with a wireless intercom, or multiple stations across your business, home, school, or building. We can even give you the control to open it up remotely.

Speaker System and Audio Control

AlarmOne works on and installs surround sound system, speaker systems, back ground music, and home theater systems. We can hang that new 70″TV on your wall without guessing if it will ever fall while you crank up the speakers of that new audio system we just installed. Call us if you need a few speakers or many rooms of speakers. We can service existing systems as well.