Philanthropy | AlarmOne Security Systems: Home Automation, Burglar Alarms & Surveillance.


Alarmone is dedicated to protecting people through electronic vision and detection. We are also dedicated to giving back.

AlarmOne donates to local charities around town, but now we are very open to sponser 1 charity each month and donate from recommendations. Please email us to for your favorite charity.  1 charity per month will be chosen and posted on our website as well as a little description of what the charity is about. 100% of the funds are donated and we only do this to help the less fortunate people, animals, and other causes.  Please, if you agree to our current published charity, donate by pressing the “paypal” button which is fully secured.  We ask that no alarm monitoring payments or any other services that we have performed for customers be paid through this site. This site is only set up strictly for donations.

Any questions regarding donations or the service we perform, please contact us by clicking here.