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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems

AlarmOne video solutions…not just for crime (read below)

Some benefits of AlarmOne HD video include;

  • Monitor employees/home workers.
  • Time and attendance. Is your business open and who is there?
  • Employee monitoring. Did they actually do what you asked them to do?
  • Customer/people counting. See how many customers come in to your store
  • POS functionality. Make sure EVERYTHING is being rung up and nothing is being stolen
  • Object protection. The recorder can beep if someone walks near your vehicle, shed, or house
  • Opening detection. Was that secure door, safe, or object open? Be alerted with pictures by email.

 AlarmOne CCTV VS Store Bought CCTV

  • Multiple users at 1 time. Store bought systems only allow 1 user at a time.
  • Warranty. 3 years parts with AlarmOne CCTV Systems!  If store bought, you would have to go on that 20′ ladder pull the camera down, ship it out, and wait 4-6 weeks for the return. We change the camera the same day, …no down time!!
  • Watermarking Video Technology. Thought you caught the bad guy with that store bought system until his attorney says, “how do we know you didnt tamper with the video?” No worries with AlarmOne Watermarking Technology. Like a dollar bill, it cant be tampered with which means it is admissible in court!!
  • No software needed. From a PC, use an internet browser to log in from any computer. Store bought systems need software downloaded each time.
  • MAC user, NO PROBLEM. A lot of store bought systems do not work on MAC’s.
  • Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras (see our blog). AlarmOne CCTV systems use the upgraded metal housing domes. Store bought systems use directional looking, movable cheaper plastic bullet cameras to save money.
  • Recorder durability. Store bought systems use cheaper components inside which fail just after the warranty ends (about 6 months). AlarmOne has to have quality parts inside with a tough outer case because we offer 3 year warranties!
  • Cabling. Store bought systems use “gummy” soft weak cabling with very little copper inside. Copper is the way video transports from 1 end to the other. More copper means better video clarity. AlarmOne CCTV systems use the BEST cabling with over 95% copper inside the cables and we use only Cat6 or better for our IP systems!!

Store bought systems are meant for observational purposes only, not for any type of criminal activity. They may even include audio recording which can land you in jail if caught and prosecuted!! See our blog on these items.

HD Video Surveillance CCTV systems capture clear video for better security.
Protect your home and family with AlarmOne HD Video Solutions and get the ultimate peace of mind.
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